Reasons for travelling to Punjab this Baisakhi

The next joyous day being shown in the calendar after the festival of Holi comes Baisakhi. Food, music, dance, new outfits – this festival offers a lot. The cheer and happiness spread by this festival would leave you gratified. For most people, January 1 may mark New Year, but for farmers in North India (especially Punjab) New Year begins with Baisakhi. This festival marks the harvest of Rabi crops and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety on 13th and 14th of April every year.

Places worth travelling to on Baisakhi

Baisakhi in Chandigarh


In Chandigarh, not even just elders, kids get up early too on Baisakhi. Special food items are prepared from dusk to dawn in almost every home. Baisakhi can never be just an ordinary day here in Chandigarh. Evening is marked with loud music and a great show of Bhangra, the famous folk dance. Chandigarh is a special city, on Baisakhi it’s truly worth travelling to.

Baisakhi in Amritsar


The city of Amritsar is blessed with the holiest Sikh shrine, the Golden Temple. The area around Golden Temple will give you a carnival-like feel and on the top of that you get to taste variety of delicious food. After offering prayers early in the morning people savor the sweet semolina as Prasad.

Baisakhi in Jalandhar


Baisakhi is celebrated in a grand way, especially in the villages of Jalandhar. The whole community would gather to offer prayers and dwell in holy procession. Later people indulge in relishing food, shopping, dance and music. Jalandhar celebrates this festival in a classical way.

This is what Baisakhi is all about in Punjab

Thanksgiving Day – Baisakhi is much like a Thanksgiving Day by the farmers. As usual, farmers get up early and thank God for the prosperity. Charities are also performed this day.

Harvest Festival – Rabi (winter) crops are harvested during this time, reason why famers are loaded with cash during Baisakhi – lifting everyone’s mood and spirit after a long duration of hard work.

Fairs – Colorful fairs are organized at many places in Punjab during Baisakhi. Dance forms like Gidda and Bhangra are performed, which attract the crowd. People also indulge in eating and shopping spree in the various stalls set up in the fairs.

Engulf yourself in the lively, thankful and bright essence of Baisakhi.

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