Places to travel on Christmas

The Christmas time of year is usually famous for its frostiness, melodious carolers and appetizing treats. But the fact is that not all Christmas traditions around the globe are same. If you are planning a trip at this time of the year, make sure to consult the right travel agent, for example Travel port holidays, to make the most of your trip. Listed below are some of the holiday places to travel on Christmas across across the globe.


The day subsequent to Christmas in Australia is known as Boxing Day, it is regarded as Australian public holiday. Just like Black Friday in the United States, on this day, nearly all stores put on massive sales and people rush in to get hold of best deals in town.


While others have turned out to be a staple for the Christmas holiday, possibly one of the prime nativity scenes is arranged in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome, Italy. Just on the outer side of Saint Peter’s Basilica, also convoyed by a giant Christmas tree, the life-size sight is not exposed until Christmas Eve.

Quebec City, Canada

The Québécois hand round a time-honored French Canadian Christmas—or rather Noël—with flashing century stone homes hovering along tapered cobblestone streets; oodles of high cheer; grand foodstuff that could consist of meat pies, giant scallops au gratin, and grilled pheasant breast; and obviously scores and scores of snow ripe for sledding and skiing.


Just like loads of other places in the world, Norway rejoices Christmas Eve with a grand dinner and the opening of gifts, yet what sets apart the country is what families do subsequent to the commotion. At the wrapping up of the night, all the brooms in the house are hidden. It is an enduring conviction that on the night of the festival evil spirits come out and steal brooms from families and continue to ride them around in the sky.

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