7 Must Do Things in a Cruise Ship

So this vacation you have planned to take your family on a cruise ship. What with the romantic atmosphere for you and your partner and entertainment for the kids, you can come back all rejuvenated.  Here are the best 7 things you can do on your cruise vacation.

  1. Candle Light Dinner in a Cruise ship

cruise ship

Enjoy yourself thoroughly in the company of your partner as you are tranquilized into a flourishing sense of love and comfort. Drench in the romance and splendor of this remarkable experience along with a drink and stunning gourmet right below the starry sky and by the merry radiance from a candle.

  1. Watch the dolphins

cruise ship

You can watch these magical creatures on a cruise. The cruise will generally initiate from Fort Aguada, Sinquerim or Panaji Jetty. From a particular distance your guide will show you the tricks of these astonishing creatures.

  1. Watch stunning sights of the sunset

cruise ship
Get pleasure from the true and eye-catching sights of the sunset. The cruises are conducted from two ships, the Santa Monica and the Shantadurga.

  1. Pool Volleyball

Irrespective of your age you can cool yourself off in an awesome volleyball game on the pool. It’s a much loved activity of all those who are onboard.

  1. Dancing with Bands

cruise ship
You can partner with the different ship’s officers and participate in removal rounds boasting special dance techniques and live music. A team of judges’ chooses the couples who will be declared as the winner.

  1. Trivia Contests

Trivia contests are held to challenge your knowledge. You can participate in every day Trivia or full-on Game & Tournaments.

  1. Go for a Bike underwater

cruise ship

Something to challenge your fitness craze and pump your heart rate you can go for a bike ride under the water. It is sure that you will be able to burn calories when you work against the water.

There is no other better place to get benefit from the guilt-free luxury you can permit yourself consequently than going for a vacation on a cruise ship.

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