Top 6 Best-Value European Cities for Budget Travellers in 2016

It is quite needless to say that just because a city is cheap, you should visit it. Also, just because a city is too expensive it doesn’t mean that you should avoid it. Based on user votes, expert recommendation and in-depth analysis, we have listed 6 cities in the continent of Europe that are worth travelling. Pack your bags for these destinations, we promise they are pocket-friendly.

  1. Krakow, Poland 
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Even though Krakow isn’t easy to reach as compared to other European cities, it does offer huge rewards for budget travellers. Krakow will offer you the best of classic Europe, be it castles, palaces, cathedrals, town squares, or towers. Krakow has affordable and quality hotels in abundance.

Daily Backpacker Index: $25.73 per day

  1. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is slightly more expensive than Krakow, but it is more visually impressive. If you want to get a good value here, have most of your meals away from the river.

Daily Backpacker Index: $29.21 per day

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  1. Istanbul, Turkey
popular tourist destinations

Istanbul is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. Istanbul is world’s only city that is a part of two continents – Europe and Asia. Street food here is delicious and surprisingly affordable.

Daily Backpacker Index: $37.40

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague used to be a lot cheaper than it is now. Despite of that Prague is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Most of the hotels here are expensive but a little research will land you in a perfect pocket friendly hotel.

Daily Backpacker Index: $40.66 per day

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  1. Lisbon, Portugal
popular tourist destinations

You will be astonished to notice how well organized and lovely things are in Lisbon, that too at affordable prices. The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is quite different from Spanish cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

Daily Backpacker Index: $45.64

  1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is vast and quite different from other large European cities. This historic city is the most affordable, must-visit place in Germany. Here you will never have to compromise with quality, plus it won’t be too hard on your pocket.

popular tourist destinations

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