Beautiful Love Memorial in India- Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal, an iconic depiction of Mughal architecture, is among the most eminent and beautiful buildings ever created in the entire world. Built in Agra, India, this exquisite marble structure is more of a mausoleum, and a token of love of a husband for his beloved wife. It’s also an everlasting witness of the artistic and systematic attainments of a prosperous empire.

How to Get There

Agra, being a chief city of Uttar Pradesh, India, is well-habituated to tourists, somewhat around three million people, who mainly come to visit the Taj Mahal every year. You can easily get around the city by bus and train, and it also encloses an extensive range of tourist amenities. Getting into Taj Mahal complex is on foot for all. You can use efficient travel agent services of like Rao travels for organizing you economic travel packages across the country.

When to Visit

The Taj Mahal sees a huge footfall round the year and is often busy; however novel ticketing systems have decreased the crowd at peak times. Tourists urging for isolation prefer visiting early or late in the day. But make sure you don’t plan a visit to Taj Mahal on Friday, as it remains close on that day.

How to Visit

The best part of any visit to the Taj Mahal is having a look at the architecture from outside. You will experience a subtle shift in tone of clean white marble that will match the mood of the eternal world. The view is so enthralling that it’s worth drawing out a long gaze at the building in the magical light of a full moon. You must also consider some essential medical tips.

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